A true friend.

true friend

A TRUE friend is the only person who never gets tired of listening to your own pointless dramas over and over again.

I must admit this: I am one of those people who like to rehash old worries and problems and anger. No, it’s not like I am harboring old grudges, no. I just like to rant whenever I am feeling down, just to ease the burden. After a rant, I will feel okay and I will go back to normal.

I am the type of person who appreciates small things done by other people to me. And listening to me rehash old rants of mine, again and again, it’s a big thing! And I consider those handful of people to be true friends of mine.

I just hope I have more than a handful true to me…

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I miss my C3!

Yellow Cab Ninin

When my brother’s phone died on him, I reluctantly handed over my Nokia C3 phone. It was a gift from my younger sister and I really loved it! Too bad I had to hand it over so that my brother had something to use while preparing for his wedding last year.

When he already had a new phone, he didn’t give it back anymore because he had important messages there as well as numbers that he needed for his business.


I miss my C3!

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Adobong Chicken Wings

In my opinion, my dad makes the best Adobo this side of the planet! I am not kidding when I tell you that you will want to eat more once you get a taste of it. And you will not get tired of eating the same adobo time and time again. That’s his Adobong Chicken Wings. Yum yum!

Happy Friday everyone!


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Around the house.

Dad’s going around the house, checking stuff that needs repairing. He is also making sure that the nooks and crannies of the house are free from piles of unused stuff that we don’t need anymore. Well, he now has a long list of what to do inside the house.

He told me to buy egg crate foam. I didn’t ask anymore what it is for. I know that when he asks for something and he said that he needs it for the house, then it is really something that is essential for a repair or an organized corner.

Better give him what he asks for or he would leave it to you to do it yourself.

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Missing shoe

Missing shoe

I found Cinderella‘s missing shoe! She’s missing a pair and I found it atop my laptop keyboard. It’s red and cute!

I promise I will return it after I tried it out.


Actually it’s from one of the dolls of the little girl. I saw the missing shoe pair when I was retrieving my pen cap under my computer desk.

So there.


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I wonder when…

There is a running joke at home about my weight. I don’t mind being teased by my family and some people very close to me. It is their way of jolting me to do something about my health. They want me to take my health seriously, lose weight, and live a great life. They will even get me an omega 3 supplement if it will help me become healthier than I am today.

I appreciate their concern. In fact, I am taking into consideration all their suggestions. I want to lose weight, too. Who doesn’t want to look great in a dress, right? But it isn’t easy and I need all the help I can get.

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