Simple pleasure.

choco mallows

What I love about my family the most is that a simple delicious dish or a yummy treat is already a cause for joy for all of us. I brought home a box of choco mallows and you know what? They greeted me like I brought home a huge leg of ham! Ha! Ha! Ha!

I am really thankful that my family is a bunch of people who are easy to please. Being happy is not a chore for us.

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I miss my C3!

Yellow Cab Ninin

When my brother’s phone died on him, I reluctantly handed over my Nokia C3 phone. It was a gift from my younger sister and I really loved it! Too bad I had to hand it over so that my brother had something to use while preparing for his wedding last year.

When he already had a new phone, he didn’t give it back anymore because he had important messages there as well as numbers that he needed for his business.


I miss my C3!

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Feel confident!

Kath lost weight. She really worked hard for it because she wanted to feel confident in her own skin. She used to be really slim. But when she got pregnant with her first baby, she started gaining weight. Busy with being a mother, she forgot to take care of herself until she realized one day that she couldn’t take off her clothes in front of her husband anymore without the lights off or unless she’s inside the bathroom.

So she decided to challenge herself to lose weight. And she successfully did! She is now at the best place to buy lingerie online to get something sexy for her husband. They will be going on their second honeymoon and she couldn’t wait for him to see the new Kath!

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Faces of loved ones.


I have never apppreciated photographs more than when I saw the faces of loved ones who passed away already. I am keeping a lot in my laptop and external hard drive. I should do a back up very soon. And, probably, print some to display on living room walls.

Now I know what the real meaning behind the song Photographs and Memories.

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Messy desk

Cedar Box. I’ve been eyeing some cute decorative storage boxes online because I need some for my stuff. I am bent on organizing my home-office corner before this month will end so I am preparing the storage boxes I will use to stash away some of my stuff just lying on top of my desk.

I must admit that I am quite the messy person at home. I have so much clutter lying around like books, pens and papers, and small notebooks. But I am determined to keep a more organized corner now. I am getting distracted more and more by the mess on my desk that I can no longer work properly because of it.

This coming week will be an organization one for me.

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Down but still happy.

With the recent update that took place, the rank of this site of mine was taken away. But I am not worried about it. I am in fact very happy with the way things are going here.

I won’t elaborate anymore but what I am trying to say here is that I am not bitter over the update unlike most people I know out there. I am still happy.

Are you?

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